The Owners, Lawyers, Merchants, Mariners

Matthias Balthasar (Rehm) Merchant,  slave trader, partner of Augustine Baudequin) and co-owner of 76 slaves aboard the Phoebe.
Augustine Baudequin Merchant, slave trader, partner of Matthias Balthazar (Rehm) and co-owner of 76 slaves aboard the Phoebe.
George Augustus Cushing Merchant, eager (but unsuccessful) candidate for U.S. Consul in Havana, agent for Baudequin’s interests in America, probable slave trader.
Alexander James Dallas Attorney, representative for William McLeod in the case U.S. vs. Schooner Phoebe, later U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and Secretary of the Treasury under James Monroe.
John Hall U.S. Marshall for the District of Pennsylvania
Jared Ingersoll Attorney, U.S. Attorney for the District of Pennsylvania, handled opening of the cases U.S. vs Schooner Prudent and U.S. vs. Schooner Phoebe.
William[?] Lewis Attorney. Represented Capt. John Mullowney in U.S. vs Schooner Phoebe.
Joseph Borden McKean Attorney, Philadelphia.  Representative for unidentified plaintiff(s), probably James Munro, in U.S.  vs. Schooner Phoebe.
William McLeod Merchant, factor and slave trader from Charleston.  Forty-five of the Africans aboard the Phoebe were consigned to him by John and Alexander Anderson, London, and John Tilley, Bance Island, for sale in Charleston or Havana.
Capt. John Mullowney Captain of the USS Ganges at the time of the capture of the Schooners Prudent and Phoebe.
John Morton Merchant, U.S. Consul  to Havana, appointed “Commissioner to the Havannah”  by Judge Richard Peters.
James Munro Probable party to U.S. vs. the Schooner Phoebe. His exact role is unknown, he only being mentioned in  performance bonds as having an interest in the Phoebe’s Africans in the event they were ruled to be slaves.
John Paul (Juan Pablo)  de la Motta Merchant, Havana, probable slave trader, identified as the person to whom th0se enslaved aboard the Phoebe were to be consigned.
Richard Peters Attorney, Judge for the U.S. District of Pennsylvania, credited with freeing the Africans aboard the Prudent and Phoebe.
William Patterson Named as one of the “commissioners to the Havannah” by Judge Richard Peters.  Further research needed to clearly establish who he is.
William Rawle Attorney, U.S. Attorney for Pennsylvania before Jared  Ingersoll,  participated for the government in U.S. vs. Schooner Phoebe.
Norris Standley Merchant. Purchased the Schooner Prudent at auction.
William Tilghman Attorney, Philadelphia. Represented Augustine Baudequin in U.S. vs Schooner Phoebe.
Joseph M. Yznardi One of two men of the same name, father and son, named  “Commissioner to the Havannah” by Judge Richard Peters.  Iznardi Jr. was U.S. Consul at Cadiz, Spain. Further research is needed to determine which one is the correct man.

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