The Indentures


The top section of the indenture between Demau Ganges and Moses Hill of Northern Liberties, Philadelphia County. Note the cut at the top. The “indented” side matching the page from which it was cut would indicate it was the original and  not a copy or forgery [1].

[Prototype note: organize materials here about the Abolition Society efforts to indenture the Ganges Africans, sample indentures, terms and conditions, key figures, results, etc.; ]

That committee subsequently reported, that at the request and under the direction of the Marshal of the United States for the District of Pennsylvania, they had placed out, principally in the country, one hundred and twenty six persons, the survivors of the cargo of slaves taken from the schooners Phoebe and President. [2]

[1] Records of the Abolition Society of Pennsylvania, HSP Collection 490, Box 2 Folder 14.

[2] Needles, Edward, An historical memoir of the Pennsylvania Society, for promoting the abolition of slavery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, Merrihew and Thompson, Printers, 1848.
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